The special education is area where immense importance is given for the differently abled. Our Sneha Sadan Special School’s main focus is to find and nurture the talents of our students. Thereby preparing them to face the challenges of the mainstream society. The students of our school express different talents including dancing, singing and drawing. The students are very kind hearted and are ready to help each other. The special students are actually the “Gifted Children from God”. They are the very essence of our school. They require uniquely designed teaching methods. Our training programmes includes occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, individualized educational programme and music therapy. Special Educators provide our children with curricular and extra-curricular activities on a daily basis. Our teachers also provide them with physical education, yoga and eco-friendly training such as aquaculture & horticulture.
Our students had won various awards in different competitions. “Best School Award” was also won by our school in the year 2018-2019. Thus we aim for an inclusive educational development. Let me conclude by a word of gratitude to the supreme power. We except full cooperation from every stakeholders in our future endeavors.